Embassy of Nepal


" Embassy's Appeal to the Nepalese Citizens living in Australia and New

The Citizen Relation Committee of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal has
appealed to all the Nepalese citizens living at home and abroad for their
views/opinions on the concept and content to be incorporated in the future
constitution of Nepal. The Committee has already started collecting views
and opinions. According to the work schedule of the Constituent Assembly, a
period of nine weeks starting from 2065/9/15 BS (December 30, 2008)  to
2065/11/15 BS (February 26, 2009)has been allotted for this purpose.

The Embassy takes this opportunity to transmit the appeal of the Citizen
Relation Committee  to all the Nepalese citizens living in Australia and New
Zealand with a request to send their valuable suggestions/views  to the
Embassy's address (postal and email) given below for onward transmission to
the Secretariat of the Citizen Relation Committee, Constituent Assembly,

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